Entrepreneurial Businesses Training Program

The program is basic training for entrepreneurial businesses and potential entrepreneurial businesses owners in the Maricopa County area. While the program does not in and of itself assure “success” from participants as entrepreneurial businesses owners, it has been shown that such programs improve the participants chances of success. This will be a branded product for the BCAZ, and targeting returning Veterans and youth, in addition to their members.

The class proposed would be structured for the busy business owner or employee, with weekly sessions of three hours each for the period of one year. The program will start with a NxLevel Entrepreneurial class, and roll into a mentor group program upon successful culmination of the classroom learning. A proposed curriculum is attached showing classroom topics and objectives for the individual sessions. The classroom learning would be accompanied by individual one-on-one counseling provided by mentors from the Black Chamber and the Small Business Development Center in between key sessions. At the completion of the class the participant would have a completed business plan and receive 3 credit hours credit from Maricopa Community Colleges. Mentoring will continue, along with regular coaching sessions with group participation for the rest of the year. At the completion of the program all graduates will participate in a formal graduation ceremony with participation by all sponsors.

Cost is $450 per student, includes membership in the BCAZ, 3-units MCCC credit, textbook, three-ring binder, and other materials provided.

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