Healthcare Signature Series

The BCAZ will provide webinars that are tailored to the very real economic impacts of healthcare on business. These webinars will be repeatedly adapted with new content and made cost effective for both members and non-members. Initial topics covered in the Healthcare Signature Series will focus on the following subjects:

• What Does Healthcare Mean Under the New Administration – Get Prepared

• What Does Healthcare Cost you (Insured vs. ER Care)

• Contingency Planning: What happens when you get sick?

• Prevent(ing) Illness: What are we pre-disposed for?

• Prevent(ing) Illness: Healthy Eating/Portion Control

• Prevent(ing) Illness: Healthy Living

• Prevent(ing) Illness: The Do’s and Don’ts of Exercise

• The Impact Stress Has on Your Health

• Can I Really Manage My Stress – Get Efficient and Control Your Time